A Friendly Note from Virag



I'm Virag, the one-person-mommy-team behind Poppy and Friends nature stories for small children.

The idea for the nature books series came up while I was at home with my youngest child. I was looking for storybooks that teach children love and respect for animals and nature.

My family lives in a condominium in a middle-sized town surrounded by agricultural fields and miles and miles of plain, homogenous, flat land. In other words, taking our children for a nice nature walk is practically out of question, as the nearest more "natural" surroundings are two-three hours away (by car on a freeway) and then back. Trust me, it's not the best way to develop a fondness for nature by having your child sit in a car for 4-6 hours.

As a solution, I tried to look for storybooks that teach children about a love of nature and animals. Instead of stories, I found very educational books with lots of facts and more facts, but hardly any storyline that would actually capture the magic that really draws in little kids.

However, I was determined and finally, Poppy, the nature fairy, was "born" to introduce our tiny little humans to animals and nature, even if they are stuck in the city.