Poppy's Friends in the Arctic

Poppy's friend Snowy is a baby polar bear. She loves to play with her Mom.

'Climb,' says Snowy. She wants to climb onto Mom's back.

'Climb up,' Mom says and she waits for her cub to climb up.

Snowy tries, but... Oh-no! She slides back down.

Snowy tries again, but she slides back down again. She is very sad, she wants to cry.

'Climb up,' says Mom and she lies down on her tummy.

Now it's easy for Snowy to climb up on Mom's back.

Snow is up and and she is very happy. Look at her smile!

Climbing is a lot of fun!

Happy playtime Snowy!

Children's story illustration. Polar bear cub climbing on Mommy Bear's back.

Coloring page available starting Polar Bear Day (February 27th).


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