Poppy visits Baby Penguin

Poppy, the fairy, visits the Antarctic. It is a very cold place. There is a lot of ice and snow.

The little fairy wears her red winter jacket, her red boots, her red mittens and her red hat. Poppy's favorite color is red.

She goes for a walk and meets a new friend. It's Baby Penguin.

They go sliding together, but the ice is very slippery and the little penguin falls.

Children's story illustration for mini story of Poppy, the nature fairy plays with Baby Penguin on the Antarctic ice.

Poppy checks if she is okay.

'Did you get hurt?' she asks. 'Are you your feet okay?'

Baby nods. 'Yes! They're fine.'

Then Poppy asks, 'Are your wings okay?'

Baby nods, 'Yes! They're just fine.'

Then the little penguin asks a question, 'Can we slide again?'

Poppy smiles. She says, 'Yes, we can. Let's go sliding again!'

Baby Penguin flaps her wings. She is a very happy bird. 'Hooray,' she says and they go back to play to the Antarctic ice and snow.

story and illustration by Virag Rozsa

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