Snowy's ride

Snowy, the polar bear cub, plays with Mom.

'Mommy, mommy!'

'Yes, Snowy?'

'I'm tired.'

'Let's go home. I'll carry you.'

Snowy rides Mom's back.

Happy children's storybook illustration: baby polar bear riding on Mom polar bear
(illustrator and author: Virag Rozsa

She is high up and she looks around.

'Mommy, I can see faraway'.

'What do you see Snowy?'

She looks around.

'I can see the sea,

and an Arctic fox,

and one snowy owl,

and two seals

and three Arctic hares,

and four walruses,

and six reindeers,

and seven narwhals.

Wow, there are so many animals to see!' says Snowy.

She isn't tired anymore. It is very exciting to ride on Mommy's back.

'Can we do this again Mom?' asks Snowy.

Yes, but now you need to go to bed.

Good night Snowy!


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