Yum-yum. It's Pizza Day!

Poppy likes pizza and today is pizza day.

She helps her mom make pizza.

First, they make the dough.

Then Poppy plays until the dough sleeps and rests and becomes a BIG dough.

Oh-oh. Now it's bigger than the bowl.

Poppy uses a rolling pin and makes the dough round.

Then she puts tomato sauce,


bell peppers,



and olives on the pizza.

Mom puts the pizza into the oven. Poppy can't use the oven yet. It's very, very hot.

They wait for the pizza to bake. The table is a mess, so Poppy and mom clean up.

'DING,' says the oven. The pizza is ready.

Poppy waits for it to cool. She doesn't want to burn her mouth.

Let's eat! Yum-yum.


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