About Author

V. T. Rozsa

Timea Rozsa is the author and illustrator of Poppy and Friends stories. She is the mother of an inquisitive 4 year old boy and a 19 year old art loving young lady. She was trained as an archaeologist and later returned to university to become a primary school teacher. She loves learning, wishes to spend more time outdoors and tries to be the best mom ever for her children.

What is Poppy and Friends?

It is a nature fairy story series for very young children. It helps develop a sense of respect towards wildlife and nature.

The stories provide an answer to very basic questions asked by young children about common wildlife. They also promote politeness, caring towards wild animals, as well as teamwork.

How is Poppy and Friends different from other storybooks about animals?

There are lots of very loveable storybooks with animal characters. However, these stories portray animals as human children. They eat, live the same way as children do. Poppy and Friends satisfies children's curiosity about animals. It answers questions about wildlife, but it is not a children's encyclopedia. It also connects with children an on emotional level and the facts in the stories are easy to digest.

Tell me a bit about you.

I hope I am a dedicated mom. I try to be. Reading storybooks to my son is important. Just like other small children, he has a natural curiosity about nature and especially animals. His questions about common wild animals gave me the idea for the book. It is quite embarrassing, but I could not answer his questions. For instance, what a swan eats or where it sleeps. But I started thinking and I realized that most parents will not know a lot of the information that small children would love to know. When we spend time outside the city we only get a tiny piece of information about how animals live. I think it is important to be able to answer the most basic questions to start nurturing a sense of respect towards wildlife and their habitats.


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